Swarovski Idomeneo 8×20 Crystal pocket binocular

Optics:  The  Swarovski 8×20 Crystal Idomeneo pocket binocular has the same sophisticated inner workings as many of Swarovski’s treasured premium optics, but is compact enough to fit inside a pocket and is ideal for travel and leasure. What a luxury! To have all that sophistication inside your jacket pocket! This model  boasts an ultra-precise roof prism system with a P-coating, which ensures that the viewer enjoys high-resolution, contrast-rich images from a distance. (Swarobright coating that ensures maximum fidelity across the entire light spectrum and Swarotop and Swarodur coatings that produce bright, high-contrast images.)

Field of view (FOV):  Other than might be expected, the Swarovski 8×20 Crystal Idomeneo has an extremely large field of view, due to a complicated 16-lens system, so you can observe everything from natural landscapes to sporting events. The wide field of view makes tracing moving objects very easy indeed.

Close focus:  The binocular even offers a 13-foot close focusing distance for nearby objects. Beautiful appearance: The striking design really distinguishes these binoculars from the rest. The Idomeneo’s lustrous housing is studded with selected Swarovski crystals that are coated with an application of sparkling gold.

Sturdiness:  The binocular is also well-built and protected. Other features include a user-friendly focusing wheel; dioptric correction via the central wheel; individually twist-in eyecups that deliver a full field of view for people wearing glasses;

Waterproof: Yes.

Weight:  Weighs a mere 7.6 ounces and comes with a coordinated leather case and carrying strap.

Dimensions:  3.98 x 1.5 x 3.66 inches

Warranty:  All Swarovski binoculars carry a lifetime warranty.

Other models:  The Swarovski Optiks Pocket Binocular Crystal Nabucco 8×20  , the Swarovski Optik Leather Pocket Tyrol Binoculars   and the Swarovski Optiks Pocket Binocular Crystal Tosca 8×20   are all in the same class and could also be considered.

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