The Pros of Pocket Binoculars

Small is big! A pocket binocular can be so small, when folded up (the roof prism type) you can hold it in your hand without even being noticed. Check out how compact does this Swarovski Optiks Pocket Binocular (8x20B-P, Black) folds up with its double hinge folding mechanism:

You can put it in your hand luggage when travelling  or just hold it in your hand while passing through the checkpoints.

Since it fits into your pocket, it does not bother you when hiking or watching a sports game. Both hands are free until you need to use the binocular.  Avid bird watchers like to have a pair of binoculars available wherever they go, just in case something special pops up – not only when being out in Nature watching birds, or doing a hiking trail. You might even spot a special bird through you office window, when stuck in traffic or going for a stroll after work. So a small binocular fitting into your shirt pocket will always be handy.

The fact that they are so light-weight establishes another big advantage. You can take them wherever you go, walk miles, spend days in the mountains hiking, go to big sports events – and hardly be aware of them. They are no burden at all. But the moment you take them out and let them do their magic, you are taken by surprise time and again: That such a small and unobtrusive instrument can open up the world around you to such an extent!

Pocket binoculars might be small, but are not inferior to ordinary or compact binoculars as such. They can magnify a bird just as many times as their big brothers and the image can be just as sharp and clear. However, one has to be very careful to go for quality and not end up with a cheap, attractive-looking – but useless – little binocular. But then, the need for quality applies to compact and ordinary binoculars as well!

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